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Patient First is often called upon to provide authoritative content and interviews for local media regarding health issues.

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11/24/17 Thanksgiving Leftovers: How To Store Them And When To Toss Them -
11/24/17 A Leftover Thanksgiving Feast
11/24/17 Varify: How Long Should You Eat Thanksgiving Leftover For -
11/22/17 When It Comes to Thanksgiving Leftovers, How Long Is Too Long? -
11/7/17 Star of Hope Baptist Trunk or Treat A Hit -
10/18/17 Annual taste of Berwyn Raises Funds for Daemion Counseling Center -
08/27/17 Doctors offer five back-to-school tips to keep your kids healthy -
08/03/17 Midstate doctors report increase in summer Lyme disease cases -
07/24/17 Doctors warn long-lasting viral stomach bug spreading through Central PA -
07/20/17 Reminder: Beware of the signs of heat exhaustion as you work or play outside during a heat wave -
07/04/17 Grilling Safety Tips for Fourth of July -
07/04/17 How to Stay Safe During Fireworks Displays on Fourth of July -
07/01/17 Stay Safe on the Fourth -
06/28/17 How to keep your Kids safe this 4th of July -
05/15/17 Doctor Warns of Dangers of Too Much Caffeine After Teen Dies -
04/24/17 Students at Henrico School Possibly Exposed to Tuberculosis -
04/18/17 Flowers are blooming, spring allergies rising -
Spring 2017 Patient First - Frontline Group Spotlight
03/08/17 Berks doctors seeing allergy patients earlier than usual Jim Vasil -
02/24/17 Six foods that will help you stay hydrated Erica Greenway -
02/23/17 Flu season hitting peak in Hampton Roads Jessica Larche -
02/07/17 It's really flu season now. The numbers are climbing Stacy Burling -
01/24/17 Flu activity widespread in Virginia Stephanie Harris -
01/24/17 CDC: Flu widespread in Virginia Michele Canty -
01/09/17 Snow and ice combination leading to shoveling and slipping injuries Todd Corillo -
01/09/17 Local doctors see cold and flu cases increase Cheryl Conner -
01/05/17 Lots of us are sick, and it's probably going to get worse Stacy Burling -
01/04/17 Flu cases on the rise in Virginia, North Carolina Blaine Stewart -
01/03/17 CDC: Flu widespread in Virginia -
01/03/17 Flu cases increasing in Virginia, now widespread Kevin Green and Stephanie Harris -
01/03/17 Wash your hands and batten down the hatches as fly is now at widespread levels in Virginia Elizabeth Simpson -
01/03/17 Flu widespread in VA, how to prevent from getting the virus Megan Woo -
01/03/17 Flu reported widespread in Virginia Scott Wise -
01/03/17 Doctors warn of widespread fly activity in Virginia -
01/03/17 Wash your hands as flu is now at widespread levels in Virginia Elizabeth Simpson -
12/14/16 Health warning issued ahead of Arctic blast Maria Salazar -
11/24/16 Patient First gives advice on safely eating Thanksgiving leftovers -
11/24/16 Stay calm and collected this holiday season Rhea Titus -
10/28/16 Unstable weather can cause health issues Kristina Zverjako -
10/25/16 Patient First centers offer free Halloween candy x-rays -
10/19/16 Teal is the Orange: Raising food allergy awareness this Halloween -
10/18/16 Halloween can bring a dose of health scariness, but here are some tips to keep it fun Elizabeth Simpson -
10/18/16 Health officials: October is the best month to get the flu vaccine Todd Corillo -
10/04/16 Cold or fall allergies? Learn to tell the diffference Margarita Cambest -
10/03/16 Health Q&A: Fall season means flu season Chad Jumper -
9/01/16 59 hepatitis A cases confirmed in Virginia Tracey Smith -
08/29/16Patient First gives parents advice for a healthy school year -
08/23/16 Hepatitis A cases linked to Tropical Smoothie Cafe smoothies -
07/26/16 As summer swelters on, so does the risk for cancer Todd Corillo -
07/25/16 String of hot days increases heat-related illness across Hampton Roads Elizabeth Simpson -
07/6/16 Doctors warn about heat stroke, exhaustion as heat and humidity rise -
06/27/16 Tips to keep you safe around fireworks this holiday weekend -
06/26/16 Patient First Business Spotlight -
06/23/16 Norfolk mom says toddler has skin infection after swimming in Sandbridge Kelly Rule -
04/29/16 Flu cancels school's 'Spring Social' event Cheryl Conner -
03/27/16 As spring blossoms, so do seasonal allergies Jon Kelvey -
03/16/16 You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Use an Urgent Care Caroline Cunningham -
03/13/16 Health Department sees late-season spike in flu cases Susan Bahorich -
03/10/16 Sniffle,cough, sneeze: Late flu outbreak hits Virginia Jake Burns -
03/07/16 Flu cases increasing in Hampton Roads Todd Corillo -
02/16/16 Warmer winter has less flu cases, but more cold and allergy symptoms Makenzie Walter -
02/11/16 Doctors urge all to bundle up, stay indoors during frigid cold Al Gnoza -
01/25/16 Digging out of the snow? Be aware of the dangers of shoveling Will Armbruster -
01/22/16 Safety tips for dealing with winter storms Sara Cline -
01/21/16 Prevent sledding injuries Mike Parker -
01/19/16 Whooping Cough confirmed at Hanover school, parents told to be alert for symptoms Brent Solomon -
01/19/16 The frigid weather can be dangerous for your health and your car Catherine Hawley -
01/14/16 Hoverboard injuries pop up in York County Caitlin Kerfin -
01/06/16 Plenty getting sick, but so far flu activity remains low in Hampton Roads Todd Corillo -
11/16/15 3-year-old Chesterfield boy beats meningitis Brent Solomon -
11/11/15 Local doctors seeing more patients with norovirus symptoms Claudia Rupcich -
10/28/15 Norovirus on the rise in Virginia Britni McDonald -
10/23/15 It's time to get your flu shot Caitlin Kerfin -
09/28/15 It's that time of year again: Fall weather takes a toll on kids' health Elizabeth Simpson -
09/01/15 The ABCs of back-to-school health Matthew Nojiri -
08/18/15 Manchester student-athletes transferred to hospital Ava Burnett –
08/13/15 Family 'devastated' after 3-year-old died from meningitis Ashley Monfort –
07/01/15 Tips for playing it safe this Independence Day Liz Kilmer -
05/27/2015 Patient First to Open Medical Center in Rockville –
05/27/2015 Keeping blood pressure in check – Elaina Clark –
04/28/2015 With ticks present throughout PA., experts urge Lyme disease prevention – Mollie Durkin -
04/07/2015 Taking a trip? Beware of 'traveler's diarrhea' – Will Armbruster –
04/05/2015 Spring sneeze: Seasonal allergies around the corner – Jon Kelvey –
04/01/2015 Doctor shares forecast for spring allergies – Jennifer Joas –
04/01/2015 Peninsula doctor recommends treatment for pollen-triggered allergies – Prue Salasky –
03/26/2015 Hampton Roads doctors see increase in stomach bug cases – Erin Kelly –
03/24/2015 Tree pollen allergy season underway – Sarah Bloom –
02/19/2015 Tips to stay safe in the bitter cold – Brent Soloman –
02/17/2015 Staying safe, healthy in extreme conditions – Prue Salasky –
02/04/2015 Norovirus Continues to Spread Across Central Virginia – Will Armbruster –
01/28/2015 Hampden-Sydney shuts down as sick students recover and school cleans – Britni McDonald –
01/15/2015 Doctors report 'big spike' in flu cases – Crissa Shoemaker DeBree – The Intelligencer
01/08/2015 Study: Cold weather can cause colds Melissa Nardo –
01/07/2015 Flu season is back; take precautions to avoid illness – Tracy Bell – Stafford County Sun

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Fast Track Flu Shots (JPG, 54k) Health Matters Tip #14 Fall Allergies - Warning Signs and Treatment (MP3, 979k) Health Matters Tip #31 Vaccinations and Children (MP3, 1,025k) Health Matters Tip #13 Featuring Sun Myths (MP3 1,063k) Health Matters Tip #12 Featuring Bee Stings (MP3, 968k)