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Travel Immunizations

Let us help you prepare for your trip!
Immunizations for international travel are available at our Parham Road location in Richmond, the Holland Road location in Virginia Beach, and our Waldorf, Lutherville, Rockville, and Glen Burnie locations in Maryland. Because of the expense and short shelf life of some vaccines, we have limited administration of these immunizations to these six centers. 

Unfortunately, due to current shortage of yellow fever vaccine, Patient First is unable to provide this vaccination at this time. If you require a yellow fever vaccination for your travel, please visit the CDC website to find a location near you that provides this vaccination.
When you come in, our physicians will review your travel itinerary, check your medical history, and then provide the appropriate vaccine(s) as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Unfortunately, we cannot give recommendations over the telephone. As in the case with any other service, no appointment is necessary. Nonetheless, it’s recommended that you come in at least two weeks before departure to provide time for the vaccine to become effective as well as to allow time for treatment in the unlikely event that there is an adverse or allergic reaction to the vaccine.
Unfortunately, the cost of these vaccinations is not usually covered by insurance. Therefore, in the absence of evidence that your immunizations are covered, payment will be due at the time of service. We will be happy to give you an itemized statement for you to file with your insurer in the event some coverage is available.